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Alexandra Asanache, DigitallyAlex founder, looking at her phone as she takes a selfie

Who is DigitallyAlex ?

I'm Alex - your ethical digital marketing consultant

I started DigitallyAlex out of passion for marketing, combined with a deep desire to help businesses that do good for people and our planet.

But I’d be lying to you if I said I have been in marketing my whole life. In fact, I feel my diverse background gives a unique angle to my everyday work, and my ‘wiggly’ career so far allowed me to build a business that brings tactics and values from a variety of industries.

I started my business in November 2020, after the pandemic had turned my plans of working in tourism upside down. I was aiming to work in destination marketing at the time, through a potential path of jumping departments from operations at some point. Oh, well… I guess being made redundant was the jump I was looking for?

I have a Bachelors degree in Spanish and Portuguese, and a Masters in Tourism Management. I am Romanian by birth, and live in the UK since I was 15. I also spent a year in Latin America when I was at university, so I’m quite the international butterfly. 

My diverse background has proven to be a really rewarding aspect to my work life, as I am able to communicate with clients in at least 5 languages, and to understand, embrace, and celebrate cultural diversity.

After over 2 years in full time business, I deeply enjoy the flexibility and freedom that comes with doing your own thing. When I’m not at my desk, I’m most likely taking long walks in nature, playing board games with friends, making pizza with my partner, doing my latest passion project, or taking a good ol’ nap.

Below, you can find out more about my values and mission in business.

I can’t wait to get to know YOU too!

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From 2022, I started to focus on doing digital marketing with both wellbeing and responsible practices in mind.
My mission is to continue that in 2023, and to deepen my expertise in embedding ethical marketing values in the strategies I create, as well as taking a more holistic approach to how I implement them for my clients.

Through my services, I aim to make life as a business owner easier for my clients, by helping them to navigate difficult and often overwhelming parts of their marketing strategies, and by taking care of the implementation of their strategy.


I believe that as marketers we have a strong responsibility towards the brands we serve and their audiences. My vision is to contribute positively to a fairer industry, tailoring strategies and practices that are truthful, authentic, and that feel ‘light’ and personal for you. 
I believe we have a duty to not mislead or pressure communities into overconsumption, or into actions that are harmful to themselves, other people, or our environment.
While we cannot prevent all the wrongs of the world from happening, I trust that, through an authentic and responsible online presence, we can influence audiences positively, and contribute to a better world, today and tomorrow.

Portrait of Alexandra Asanache launghing towards the camera as she stands in front of her desk and laptop

How I can help you

Workshops & Trainings

A bespoke service for both small businesses and larger organisations who want to train groups on specific digital marketing or ethical marketing topics.

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Auditing & Consulting

I am here to help you go from overwhelmed and lost about your digital marketing, to creating effective strategies and content with ease.

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Done For You

When you're too busy and overwhelmed to manage your own socials and digital content, you can count on me from strategy to implementation, analysis and optimisation.

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